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Tantra copenhagen gratis date side

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Copenhagen – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Other fine examples of classical architecture include the impressive City Hall and the massive dome of the Frederikskirken colloquially known as the Marble Church. This dome, with a span of 31 meters, is one of the largest in northern Europe. Both are in the Indre By area. For real architecture buffs, the city's main claim to fame is the modernist architecture and its native masters. Jørn Utzon of Sydney Opera House fame and Son is behind a trio of buildings on Østerbro's northern harbour, known as the Paustian complex.

There is a fine, but expensive restaurant in one of the buildings. You can enjoy Arne Jacobsen's work by either sleeping at, or taking in the atmosphere and great views of the top floor lounge bar at the Royal Hotel which is one of the very few tall buildings in the inner city. Alternatively, head north to Bellavista , a residential complex and theatre near the beach, where there is even a restaurant featuring his famous furniture and his name.

Lastly Henning Larsen , famous for his iconic buildings in Riyadh , is behind Copenhagen's new Opera house overlooking the harbour in Christianshavn. From here you can also catch a view of Copenhagen's latest iconic contraption, the Royal library known to locals as the black diamond, after its shiny polished black granite walls.

The four identical classicist palaces of Amalienborg , make up the main residence of the Danish royal family. The octagonal courtyard in the centre is open to the public and guarded by the ceremonial Royal Guard. The relief takes place every day at noon and is a highlight for any royalist visiting the city. There is also a small royal museum on the premises.

Rosenborg Palace is a small but pretty renaissance palace, surrounded by the lovely King's Garden which is one of the most lively parks of the city. The palace both serves as a museum of Royal history and as a home for the crown jewels which are on display in the catacombs beneath the castle. A closed-off wing of Rosenborg serves as barracks for the Royal Guard, and every day a detachment marches through the Copenhagen city center between Rosenborg and Amalienborg for the changing of the guard.

Unusual for a well-founded democracy, the palace that houses the parliament, Christiansborg , is also a royal palace. It is usually possible to visit the Royal reception rooms, stables and the old court theatre here. And for entertainment of royal stature, you can try to arrange tickets to watch a play in the beautiful Royal Theatre facing Kings New Square. All of these sights are in the inner city. If you are hungry for more, head north , where the park around Sorgenfri palace is open to the public, or have a picnic on the huge open plains in front of the Eremitage Palace in the Dyrehaven park which formerly served as the king's hunting castle.

Denmark is world-famous for its design tradition and, while the term Danish design has been devalued over the years due to much misuse, it is still a world-recognized style.

A natural starting point is a visit to the Danish Design Center in Indre By , with temporary and permanent exhibitions, showrooms, and workshops relating to the world of Danish design, in a building designed by famous architect Henning Larsen. Not too far away, Kunstindustrimuseet is home of a nice collection relating to the study of design and its history in Denmark.

Also in the same district, Royal Copenhagen runs a museum display of its famous porcelain from the early beginnings at its flagship store. Meanwhile Cisterne on Frederiksberg is an enticing museum showing modern glass art, in the intriguing catacomb like cisterns under a large park.

Meldahls Smedie on Christianshavn is run by the Royal Danish school of architecture, which organizes exhibitions including final projects from students of the school here. In the inner harbour, water quality has improved so much that it is possible to go for a swim from early June to late August in one of the two harbour baths: When it is sunny these are packed with people from all walks of life enjoying the sunshine and taking a dip.

The municipal administration has put a lot of money and effort into the facilities and this is an excellent opportunity for blending with the locals at their best. If the weather is not going your way, you can opt for DGI Byen which is a leisure centre and excellent swimming pool near the central railway station or the Østerbro swimming pool, modeled after a Roman bath on Østerbro.

Amazingly, the two oldest functioning amusement parks in the world, with the two oldest roller coasters, are in Copenhagen and they are distinctively different.

Bakken or Dyrehavsbakken is the older of the two, set in a beautiful beech forest near Klampenborg north of Copenhagen.

This gives it a special atmosphere and it is a lot less touristy than its counterpart — Tivoli — which is in the city center in a beautiful park surrounding a lake.

Strøget is one of the largest pedestrian malls in the world which links City Hall, Kongens Nytorv, and Nørreport station. Impeccably dressed Copenhageners breeze through high-end fashion and design stores when not zig-zagging through the hordes of tourists during the summer and Christmas seasons. Your fellow visitors can make it all feel rather touristy at times but if nothing else, it is great for people watching.

If all this strange outdoor shopping takes you too far from your usual habitat, head for Magasin du Nord on Kongens Nytorv or Illums on Amagertorv for more familiar surroundings.

There is even a real American style mall complete with a gargantuan parking lot out on Amager. Appropriately, it is called Fields. If you would rather sample smaller and more personal stores, the quarter of narrow streets surrounding Strøget in the old city colloquially known as Pisserenden and The Latin Quarter , has a fantastic, eclectic mix of shopping.

This ranges from quirky century-old businesses to the ultra hip in a wide range of fields. It is also much less crowded than Strøget, though unfortunately no less expensive. Right at the border of this area, Værnedamsvej and Tullinsgade are also good bets. In Nørrebro , Ravnsborggade is well known for its huge number of antique stores that are excellent for bargain hunting and the next street to north, while more modest Elmegade has some small independent fashion boutiques.

Laws limit opening hours for most shops, officially to the benefit of the staff, although the "closing law" Lukkeloven is facing increasing unpopularity among locals. But until the opposition grows loud enough, most shops will close around M-F For out-of-hours shopping apart from the ubiquitous 7-Eleven and small kiosks , the shops at Central Station offering books and CDs, camping gear, photographic equipment, cosmetics, gifts are open until Large shopping centres and department stores are open on Sundays about once a month usually the first Sunday, right after everyone gets paid and more often during peak sale periods.

The immigrant-owned grocery stores on Nørrebrogade on Nørrebro also tend to be open until very late in the evening. Nørrebro Flea Market is Denmark's longest and narrowest.

It stretches for m on one half of the sidewalk by the wall of the Assistens Cemetery on Nørrebrogade. Here you may find a Royal Porcelain Christmas Plate, a Chesterfield chair or plain or downright rubbish.

Open from 4 April until 31 October on Saturdays Here private individuals as well as professional dealers sell all kinds of old stuff, antique furniture, His Masters Voice gramophones and objets d'art.

Open from 18 April until 10 October on Saturdays If your budget doesn't allow for regular dining at expensive Michelin restaurants, don't despair — there are plenty of other options. The cheapest are the many shawarma and pizza joints that you find on almost every street in the city.

You can get a shawarma for as little as kr and pizzas start at around DKK You can opt for take away or sit at the one or two tables that are usually available. The cheapest places can be found around Istedgade on Vesterbro and Nørrebrogade on Nørrebro. For the best kebab in the city go to Shawarma Grill House Frederiksberggade If shawarma gets a little tiring, there are several Mediterranean-style all-you-can eat buffet restaurants dotted around the inner city.

Riz Raz is popular, with three locations and a huge vegetarian buffet for kr 69 lunch or kr 99 dinner. The branch on St. Kannikestræde has an infallible ability to seat and feed groups of all sizes.

Nearby, Ankara on Krystalgade offers a Turkish-inspired buffet that includes meat as well as salads. Nyhavns Faergekro at Nyhavn has an original herring buffet where you can eat as much herring as you like prepared in ten different ways grilled and many different marinades. For breakfast and lunch try one of Copenhagen's bakeries Bager — look for a pretzel-like contraption out front. They are numerous and the quality is excellent. Many offer ready-made sandwiches ~kr 35 such as Denmark's famous open-faced rye bread sandwiches called smørrebrød.

These sandwiches are small enough to take away and eat either with your hands or with a fork and knife and a wide range of ingredients are available including some elaborate combinations for the more adventurous. Most bakeries also offer coffee, bread rolls and cakes expect to pay kr for Danish pastry, here known as wienerbrød and many bakeries offer at least some form of counter seating. For something quintessentially Danish, no visit to Copenhagen is complete without trying out a pølsevogn see image on the right , literally "sausage wagon", where you can get your hands on several different forms of tasty hot dogs with a free selection of various toppings for next-to-nothing by local standards.

It is also one of the few places where you are expected to socialize with the other guests. To blend in, remember to order a bottle of Cocio cocoa drink to wash down your hot dog. They offer other eat-and-walk items like pizza slices or spring rolls.

Also, remember to look out for the term dagens ret on signs and menus — this means "meal of the day" and often translates to a filling plate of hot food for a reasonable price. And finally, if your budget gets really small, buy some of your food in the supermarket. But watch out, prices can vary a lot depending on which supermarket you are going to. Irma, with a lot of fresh and delicious food, is even for danes a little expensive.

Copenhagen has 16 Michelin starred restaurants, which is a huge number for a city of its size. This includes both Italian, French, Thai and of course the new Nordic cuisine. The new Nordic cuisine is headed by world renowned noma , that has two Michelin stars and have been number one in San Pellegrinos "The World's 50 best restaurants in " in , and But tables can be extremely difficult to get. But if you still want to try the new Nordic cuisine Relæ and Kadeau are great options, both with one Michelin star.

All three of them use traditionally Nordic ingredients and give new takes of classic Nordic dishes. Manfred og Vin is another possibility, Relæ's little sister, opposite Relæ offer a relaxed atmosphere but still playful and delicious organic food, wine and beer with strong Nordic roots. It is also fine just to go for a glass. Geranium and noma are the big international stars in Danish cuisine. The restaurant is on 8th floor of the national soccer stadium in Østerbro.

But don't get frightened by that; there is a beautiful view over the nearby park and most of Copenhagen. The focus is more classic French than Noma, but there are still strong new Nordic vibes. The new Nordic movement have been so strong that it is almost impossible to find a Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen without at least some strong Nordic directions.

One of the only exceptions is Era Ora , a classic Italian one Michelin starred restaurant famous for a fantastic though expensive wine menu and delicious Italian treats. If the wallet is not that heavy, Formel B is a good choice. Unlike most other top restaurants there is there no expensive tasting menu or the traditional starter, main and dessert. Here all of the 20 dishes cost the same and you can choose one, two or all twenty. The only Thai restaurant in the guide is in Copenhagen and is owned by a Dane.

The restaurant Kiin Kiin is in the hip and a bit trashy neighborhood Nørrebro. An affiliate was opened in Bangkok a few years ago. Aroii is one of Kiin Kiin's sister restaurants in Copenhagen, it is in the same building and offers very delicious Thai food, for much cheaper prices. Also possible for take away.

Other Michelin starred restaurants include: Kong Hans Kælder , which opened in and has had only have three head chefs in that time. Since then Kong Hans Kælder has been a front runner for top gourmet in Copenhagen. The focus is changing from the classic French cuisine to a new healthy paleo-inspired cuisine, probably the only Michelin starred restaurant in the world to go in that direction. Other one Michelin stars: The restaurant is decorated as a normal living room, giving the experience as being to dinner at a friends house.

You pay a fixed amount before, and everyone is included. So you don't get a check afterward. A newly opened restaurant by rising star head chef Ronny Emborg. Alberto K , a rising star in the Copenhagen culinary environment. Restaurationen , a former Michelin star. But the owner lowered the tempo and still serves delicious food and gives top service.

Brunch is a Copenhagen institution, especially during the summer, and it is not unusual to hear a serious invitation for a morning brunch together with the ritual goodbye hug when a long night out in town draws to a close. In this way, brunch is intrinsically linked to the second local obsession of drinking. Food and fresh air is a great cure for hangovers as Copenhageners have long since discovered. Most cafés offer brunch, at least on weekends, for upwards of kr 80, often with a theme: American and French are especially widespread.

One of the most popular options is O's American at two locations in central Copenhagen. A large beer costs kr or so at most places in central Copenhagen, but some charge only kr , especially on weekdays or at happy hour.

Unless you come from elsewhere in Scandinavia do not frighten yourself by trying to work out what this costs in your home currency. At most places the beer on tap is either Carlsberg or Tuborg. In either case there will be a choice of the normal pilsner and then a slightly redder special or classic. Some might also offer wheat or dark beer. If you are on a budget you could follow the example of local teenagers and get primed with bottled beer from a supermarket or kiosk kr for a ml bottle.

It is legal and very popular to drink beer in public not on public transport, although it will be accepted if you are not showing drunk behavior , so buy a beer, sit on a park bench or at Nyhavn and enjoy Danish life.

As for where to drink, most tourists head straight for Nyhavn but while indeed pretty, the high prices here make it a bit of a tourist trap. In good weather imitate the locals by buying beer from a kiosk and dangling your legs over the water or head elsewhere to get your drinking on.

The many side streets north and south of the Strøget pedestrian street are a good starting point. Other good areas are Vesterbro west of the central station, along Vesterbrogade and Istedgade and in the meatpacking district.

On Nørrebro , the cluster of bars and clubs around Sankt Hans Torv and Blågårds Plads, just after the lakes , is another hotspot. For a coastal city Copenhagen has surprisingly few places where you can enjoy a water view with your beer or coffee. The club scene is vibrant in Copenhagen, but most clubs are only open Th-Sa. Most locals have a party at home with friends or frequent their favourite bars, before they head out for the clubs, so they rarely get going until after midnight and close around Most clubs have a kr cover charge and the ones that don't are rubbish more often than not.

Also expect an additional kr for cloakrooms. Most clubs maintain a minimum age of 20 or 21, although they are not required to do this by law. Expect a draft beer, or basic drinks, to set you back kr — a bit more than bars usually charge. For its size, Copenhagen has a rather large gay scene with a good handful of bars and dance clubs in the center of the city within walking distance of each other. One of the better ones is Club Christopher in Indre By. Most of the music venues in Copenhagen also double as nightclubs so watch for them under the club sections in the different districts.

Tickets for almost every event in Denmark and Copenhagen are sold through Billetnet which has online sales and a counter available in all post offices. But apart from headline events, tickets are usually also sold at the entrance.

Expect to pay kr or more. The major music venues in Copenhagen are Parken stadium on Østerbro for the biggest stars. Vega on Vesterbro is a major venue with concerts of almost every genre by national and international acts. Nørrebro has two venues: Rust's stage mainly hosts mainstream rhythmic music and Global , as its name would imply, provides a stage for world music.

Southwards on Christianshavn , it is no surprise that the Operahouse plays Opera and not to be missed, the different venues of Christiania are a powerhouse of Denmark's alternative and underground culture. Christiania's most famous venue is Loppen which has hosted many mostly rock acts that later grew in popularity to play bigger venues like Vega for far larger prices.

Copenhagen offers all kinds of accommodation but like the rest of Denmark, prices are high. Most hotels are in Indre By and Vesterbro. Special rates are often available on the internet or from travel agencies, so look around well ahead of time, rather than spending your holiday budget on sleeping because you booked at the last minute.

Many international hotel chains only maintain token presence in Denmark with a singular high-end business hotel in Copenhagen, or are not present at all. For example, large French hotel groups Accor and Group du Louvre eschew Denmark completely, which means the popular inexpensive Ibis and Campanile hotels are nowhere to be found in Copenhagen. The hospitality industry is one the one hand squeezed by the high labour costs, being one of the most labour-intensive business, and on the other spoiled by relatively low competition there are not many hotels in Copenhagen for a city of that size.

There generally is a dearth of mid-range hotels, as hotels either position themselves as low-priced for Copenhagen and limit service and facilities to the minimum, or as luxurious, and charge you every bit they need to recover the increased costs of running a fully-staffed hotel in Denmark.

As competition is low and labour costs consume most of the hotels' revenues, many even high-end properties show signs of age and may not be up to the standards found in other European countries.

For more accommodation options, you may head across the Øresund bridge to Malmö and other localities in Scania. You will find a wider variety of options there, often at lower prices, but will need to factor in the costs and time needed to cross the bridge to get to Copenhagen. If you are looking for something unique, Copenhagen has a few surprisingly little known options.

Fancy sleeping in an old fort? Then look no further than Flakfortet on its very own island out in the sound. Stylish rooms, classic and rather tastefully integrated into the environs of the old fort.

Staying here does though exclude spending your evenings in the city, as the last ferry leaves in the late afternoon. You can also opt for the Dragør Fort on Amager although they haven't pulled it off quite so nicely. In the same area, consider the old and historic beach front Dragør Badehotel in a classic building with great views over Øresund and a nearby beach, but also a fair deal of transportation time to the sights in the city centre.

Although it is close to the airport. In the same genre, and with the same drawbacks, is Skovshoved Hotel in the northern suburbs. This is an historic beach hotel with nice views and a fantastic restaurant. You can get even closer to the water on the floating houseboat hotel CPH Living moored in Christianshavn.

If you're a rad hipster and would rather sample some of the design for which the city is rightly famous, consider Hotel Fox where young Danish and international artists have individually decorated and furnished the rooms. Or you could always max out your credit card and splurge at the timeless five star classics of D'Angleterre or Skt Petri Hotel. Copenhagen is an expensive city but it is possible for budget travellers to find reasonably priced accommodations.

For those on an ultra low budget there are two free, but completely basic, camping grounds along the Mølleå river where you can camp for one or two nights.

While camping elsewhere is no big sin, it is not legal either. There are plenty of commercial camping grounds available but if you are not used to Scandinavian price ranges, even these could seem expensive DKK The closest camping sites are at Charlottenlund Fort in Charlottenlund and there is also a summer-only camping ground in the outer part of Nørrebro within the city proper.

If you prefer modern comforts consider one of the hospitality exchange networks. There are a few hostels available and the cheapest are two summer-only July-Aug hostels in Vesterbro: Here you can overnight in basic dormitory bunk beds from as little as kr On Nørrebro the two sleep-in hostels are slightly more expensive but still a bargain compared to the general price range.

The national hostel system Danhostel which is part of Hostelling International, run several hostels in Copenhagen. Danhostel Copenhagen City is right in the center, next to the harbour. For Hotels consider the Cab Inn chain that has three hotels in Copenhagen. One is just a short walk away from Tivoli and Kobenhavn H and the other two are at Frederiksberg. The rooms are quite small but have TVs and private showers and toilets.

There are several cheap hotels specifically catering to gays and lesbians Copenhagen Rainbow being one of them. A little further out following a side street on your left hand side, in Absalonsgade you will find a youth hostel, also fairly priced although quite noisy. Libraries offer free internet access for one hour at a time, though this often requires signing up in advance. The Hovedbibliotek main library at Krystalgade 15 has 12 freely accessible workstations and a wide selection of international newspapers.

Moreover, a lot of bars, cafés, McDonald's, and petrol stations offer WiFi hotspots for people with notebooks, though these are a little more expensive than internet cafés. OpenWiFi maintains a list of hotspots in the city. S-trains all have free WiFi. But since you must activate your account through an email confirmation, it's a good idea to register beforehand, which can be done on the Gratis Danmark website.

In Copenhagen, Nyhavn, Tivoli, and many of the major restaurants and hotels frequented by tourists accept Swedish kronor and euro, although it is not yet common practice elsewhere and they often use bad exchange rates. Banks are ubiquitous, so exchanging currencies will in most cases not present any major difficulties. Exchange offices are also becoming increasingly widespread, especially Scandinavian chains such as Forex and X-change, which often have decent rates and charge no commission unlike those on strøget which offer low rates and a very high commission.

Many supermarkets and small shops will normally only accept the widespread local Danish debit-card, also known as the Dankort. But acceptance of the two major international credit cards is increasing rapidly. Other credit cards like American Express, Diners, JCB, and Unionpay are accepted in some but not all shops in Copenhagen, especially in Strøget, the main shopping district.

When accepted, a transaction fee mandated by credit card companies, not shops of 0. Almost all ATMs accept major international cards, including all the ones mentioned previously. Therefore it is worth noting that although some shops may not accept all credit cards, an ATM capable of doing so will in most cases be less than m away, particularly in central Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Post is the country's sole English language newspaper, it's published weekly on Saturdays, and is available at many bars and cafés, as well as for sale in the Magasin department store, and the kiosks at the Central, Vesterport, Østerport, and Hellerup stations for kr As elsewhere in Europe and Denmark dial for emergencies, and for non-emergencies relating to the police. Copenhagen used to be one of the safest cities in the world and it is still quite safe compared to other cities of the same size.

Like any metropolitan area, Copenhagen does however experience its share of criminal activity While crime against strangers is mostly of the non-violent type, such as pickpocketing and petty theft, one should take precautions, in particular around busy tourist attractions, in train stations and inside the train to the airport.

Due to gang-related conflict, extra precaution is advised in the neighbourhood of Nørrebro and in the western suburbs , i. However there is no evidence that gang members have targeted tourists. While racism is nowhere as rampant as certain reports will have you believe, it can occasionally be a problem for people of African or Middle Eastern descent.

However, the only place you are likely to encounter this as a tourist is in the city's nightlife. If you are unfortunate enough to experience racism, it is important not to get yourself involved in a heated argument, as people who have not seen the incident will usually be quick to support the offender.

This is due to a surge of problems with violence related to gangs within immigrant communities, who feel alienated by a closely knit Danish society.

Walk away instead, and if you feel a need to react, report the incident to authorities who are required to investigate such cases. Other ethnic groups on the other hand, are not likely to encounter any problems.

Of course, prudence in behavior and politeness will in most cases avert any problems and present you as the offended party, not the offender. In fact, educated Danes in major cities will in many cases interfere and defend ethnic minorities experiencing discrimination.

Emergency Rooms ER are called Skadestue in Danish, as with many other health related terms and phrases, the English term may not be understood by some Danes — but conveniently Hospital is the same in Danish. Hospitals with 24 hour Emergency Wards near the city centre include:. The public healthcare system also maintains doctors on call outside normal office hours, calls are screened by medical personnel, and doctors dispatched only when deemed necessary. Copenhagen is a huge city with several district articles that contain information about specific sights, restaurants, and accommodation.

Indre By Centrum, the Medieval City — a place of many names, and the historical heart of Copenhagen, dotted with church spires, historic buildings, narrow alleys and excellent shopping. Christianshavn A thriving area notable for its many canals and cozy cafes. The Freetown of Christiania is situated in the eastern section of Christianshavn, along with the old naval area, turned trendy: Vesterbro This district still has a few sex shops and sleazy hotels left, but is now one of the hippest places to live, with cafes and bars dotted along its main artery, Istedgade.

Frederiksberg An area which formed around Frederiksberg Castle. It remains an independent municipality. Surrounded by the City of Copenhagen, the area has preserved a special conservative, upscale feel.

Nørrebro One of the most vibrant parts of Copenhagen, especially along Nørrebrogade, with a mix of immigrants, students, and original working-class Nørrebro-inhabitants.

Østerbro A affluent and cozy neighbourhood north of the center. Less vibrant than Nørrebro and Vesterbro, and less quaint than Frederiksberg, it is the home of the famous Little Mermaid statue, and the beautifully preserved Kastellet Citadel. The area west of the train track is very popular with young families.

Amager Including Saltholm Once a bastion of the working class, this island with its own distinct atmosphere is booming with new development. Also home of the airport and the biggest shopping mall in Copenhagen. Northern suburbs A visit to these green suburbs, beaches, parks, and Dyrehavsbakken — the world's oldest running amusement park; Frilandsmuseet — the world's largest open air museum; or canoeing down the Mill River, will leave no doubt that this is an altogether different kind of suburbia.

It is colloquially known to locals as the "whisky belt", due to its many well-heeled residents. Vestegnen The suburbs west and south of the city. Except for the good and very popular Arken art museum most attractions are small but still interesting. It has some good beaches and camping opportunities. This city travel guide to Copenhagen is a star article.

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