Chat sider mor datter sex

Chat Sider Mor Datter Sex

Chat sider mor datter sex

By AnonymBruker, January 16, in Seksualitet. Har hatt sex jevnlig med mor og datter, hver for seg, noen uker nå. Moren er 40 år og holder seg veldig bra, mens datteren er Stakkers moren og datteren. Hva om begge møter på deg og hilser, hva sier du da?

Hva om de plutselig snakker om deg? Er ikke et troll. Hva er galt med å ha sex med begge? De vet ikke om hverandre og de vet begge at dette er kun sex og ikke noe mer seriøst. Dersom de vet det og ikke har noe i mot det, så go for it. Men hvis du går bak ryggen til de, så er det smakløst. De vet ikke at jeg holder på med begge. Noen som har samme "fetisj"? Det er ikke noe galt i det, det virker jo helt perfekt. Begge har sikkert sex med flere enn deg også. Sikkert helt supert for deg, men hadde de funnet det ut, så er det ikke sikkert de har synes det var så greit.

Er tross alt mor og datter, så for meg er det kvalmt og smakløst av deg. Noen liker mora, noe liker datera Nei jeg liker ikke slik lureri og tull. De er for nært hverandre i slekt, om de finner det ut så tror jeg de vil føle seg dårlige og nedfor.

De vil føle seg lurt. En gammel venn hadde en gang en "liten affære" med en gift kvinne i omgangskretsen. Men så fikk han opp øynene for datteren til denne kvinnen som nå nærmet seg 20 årene. Det ble ettervært bryllup og vi få som viste noe om fortiden hummret litt godt når far i huset fulgte datteren sin opp kirkegulvet til sin kones elsker. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Vi benytter cookies til analyseformål, tilpasning av innhold og annonser og for å videreutvikle våre tjenester. Home Familie, samliv og seksualitet Seksualitet Har sex med mor og datter » Familie, samliv og seksualitet » Seksualitet.

Sign in to follow this    Followers 0. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. AnonymBruker   Posted January 16, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Guest Horatio Hornblower   0 0. Jeg hadde en gang sex med mora begge døttrene tanta men så våknet jeg. Posted January 17, TS Er ikke et troll. Guest Veritaserum   0 0. Crobern   Jeg kasta nettopp opp i hode mitt. Posted January 17, edited. Edited January 17, by goldenchanel. Så hvem er best i senga da ts? Og hvem har den trangeste musa.

Guest extra   0 0. Høres mer ut som plottet til en tysk pornofilm fra tallet. Edited January 17, by extra. Magnifique   Spørsmålet er vel når du prøver å få med begge på trekant?

Konghung   Hehe, fantasien er i hvert fall på topp: Du kommer til å få en brå oppvåkning når de finner det ut Posted January 18, Molte   Guest oleoh   0 0.

Hottrio   Mora og dattera heter det. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Go To Topic Listing Seksualitet. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information Vi benytter cookies til analyseformål, tilpasning av innhold og annonser og for å videreutvikle våre tjenester.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- Who are all these Spider-people? - CNET

That's made clear when he does attack him in Spider-Man 3. Why does everyone think that? He needed to know where MJ was, he was trying to make this quick. If he even remotely tried to explain the whole Goblin thing in the quickest, shortest way, it would of still lead to a shit ton more of pro-longed bullshit. Nathan Reames 3 anni fa. To be fair though, Peter probably figured things had escalated to the point where he could break his promise to Norman.

He just revealed that his father was a murderer. AwesomeAlex 3 anni fa. I mean "There are bigger things I mean he could have been a bit more Sensitive considering he knows exactly how it feels to lose a father figure from your life.

But omg Harry's reaction at 1: Strike Phoenix 3 anni fa. Take this one on our friendship I'll let you know what happened. Right now, Mary Jane and the whole city is going to be dead if you don't help me out.

Like if you hadn't fought him, he wouldn't have killed himself. And you can't really blame a dead man, it's much easier to blame a living person even if it wasn't entirely their fault because, in the end, Harry wanted to blame someone. Plus I think Peter knew that it would hurt Harry too much if he found out his dad killed himself, we saw how he reacted later.

Peter didnt kill Harry's dad Norman killed himself by pressing his glider button which set off Peter's Spider Sense which made him do a high jump. Harry just thought he killed his father with his bare hands. EternalShadow50 4 anni fa. Genocide Midori 3 anni fa. Kristina Bergie 3 anni fa. If that train didn't rip Peter's arms off, how in the hell is that little thing going to get through his tissue?

GLG Gaming - Daily minecraft videos 13 giorni fa. Alexander The Great 3 anni fa. Its a shame James Franco spends most of his time doing comedies and non serious movies now, he is really talented and can pull off the more serious roles also.

Jack of Blades 4 anni fa. James Franco Fan 4 anni fa. This is the part where Harry finds out that Peter is Spider Man. Jayvon Tavares 7 mesi fa Why didn't he just break out of thoss weird things around him before harry unmasked him maybe his spider senses went off wrong.

Kanye North Anno fa 1: Scott Summers Anno fa Peter should of played it off as Doc Ock kidnapped him and put him in the suit. Sheikh Shahrukh 2 anni fa There's only one Spider-man, Tobey. Christian Trahan 2 anni fa This scene needs to be in HD. But this is still a good scene. Raiden Lightningvolt 2 anni fa 1: Andreas Ellerbrock 2 anni fa Apronta el ojete Esta pronto.

Gabriel Momero 2 anni fa pelotudo. Bob Jones 2 anni fa A simple "Your dumbfuck father accidentally impaled himself on his Green Goblin hoverboard while trying to kill ME" would have sufficed in this scenario.

Hank Hill 2 anni fa 1: Carl Snyder 2 anni fa peter: Glow Flow 2 anni fa Still laughing on Hishe Spiderman 3. Rhysand's High Lady 2 anni fa i can't be the only one who had a crush on harry before he became just like his father. Robbie Clarke 2 anni fa "uh, huh, Screw You Harry. Douglas Roth 2 anni fa It's like Harry was willing to spend the rest of his life behind bars yes Peter is a superhero but he's still a human being so if Harry had killed Peter it still would have been murder.

Sebastian Perez 2 anni fa That's how it was in the comics. Ragerodracir 2 anni fa Peter. You killed my father. I am your father. Samuel Blomquist 2 anni fa There are bigger things happening here than me and you Harry please I got to stop him. ItsKingFries 2 anni fa don't call me stupid, but I used to think it was web. Jared Griffin 2 anni fa Ol' Doc wasn't the least bit curious to find out who was under the mask?

Chris Johnson 11 mesi fa Jared Griffin He finds out later. Kael The Invoker 2 anni fa 1: SupraSnake 2 anni fa I miss the original trilogy the new movies are actually SHIT I mean damn those are bad movies, especially the second one like damn.

Muslim Egyptian 2 anni fa they screwed up spiderman 3 thought. Ulquiorra Cifer 2 anni fa The 2nd movie wasn't bad, the problem was that it made the same mistake Spider-Man 3 did, had too many villains in the movie. Josh Anno fa lol no. Unknown User Anno fa Joanna Grace yeah obviously. Ahmed DEAF 2 anni fa تت. Semih Atıf ÖZTÜRK 2 anni fa Isn't would have been interesting when Peter lies about being spiderman,and say "Octavius actually cant find spiderman and took me instead dressed as spiderman and give it to you just to make sure have its tridium.

IDaBomb26 2 anni fa Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha man that was Hilarious. ZipKick 2 anni fa 1: Henny Zhi 2 anni fa "Raaaaaaachelllllll". Jedinaut 2 anni fa When I first saw this in theaters, I knew how Harry felt in that moment when all he wanted to do was kill Spider-Man and avenge his father's death, but as soon as he found out he was Peter, he was completely turned around and didn't know what to do.

Caesar 2 anni fa I agree.. Emma 2 anni fa same. Kimmy Boy 2 anni fa itreporter. I can see you holding back in pe. I also see you messing with chemicals in chemistry and being sneaky about it, then taking those away with you, though it's less frequent now. I mean,,, I don't even remember there being applications for a stark internship so….

I can't believe I bullied spiderman wtf this is the worst timeline. Cindy is our resident distinguished bi and idk who tf our resident functional bi is. Sero Hanta hacker voice I'm in are you actually two dating or. It's an experience I look forward to all the time. Pete won't be online for a while, getting him to work on some stuff so don't distarsttcydydjdkkdsl.

What he's saying sounds fake but oh my god the pictures he brought with him. It can hold over songs!!! Can we finally delete that theory chat?

Is this mystery finally solved? Last Edited Mon 26 Nov Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? No Archive Warnings Apply Category: Homecoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Relationships: AcaDec Squad Hittinmiss Summary: I figured for convenience sake, this would be handy Liz Allen: Great idea Cap Flash Thompson: I have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair Captain Decmerica: Millennial at a push but defo a gen z Bon Jovi: Dad doesn't want us here for the trial Bon Jovi: I can't believe your dad was the Vulture Captain Decmerica: Sorry for leaving like this hacker voice I'm in: I'll miss you guys a lot, bye [Captain Decmerica left the chat!

I am Bon Jovi: I saw spiderman going about as well!!!! Ned where the fuck is Peter I saw him go on the bus this morning but he didn't come off with us hacker voice I'm in: This includes flirting and any type of sexual "come-on.

Depending on if the other person starts it or is also flirting, they could be kicked as well. Do not spam anything in chat. Whether that be a curse word, insult, emoticons, a certain sentence or a link. It's annoying and can be avoided. No yelling or all caps talk, either.

Depending on the situation, this type of behavior can result in a ban from chat. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Spider-Man Wiki Site administration Wiki rules and guidelines.

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