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Let me be condemned to be born over and over again, even in the form of a dog, if so I can be of help to a single soul.
- Sri Ramakrishna


The students are our greatest asset. Apart from the orphan and destitute boys maintained in the Home, a large number of students from outside attend our Educational Institutions.

The present student strength is 4236 including about 466 orphan, destitute and adivasi boys. These students come from far and near and go back carrying the good name of the Institution to the distant corners of the country.


In 1944, the year in which the Boys' Home was started, a primary school was opened for the education of the orphan boys of the Home. With the introduction of the Basic Education Scheme of the Government, the Primary School was converted into a Junior Basic School with classes I to V. The boys belong to the age group 6 to 10 years. Students are not required to pay any tuition fee.

Coaching classes for the general study are held regularly. A School Magazine under the name "MUKULIKA" is published annually with contributions mainly from students. There is also a wall magazine for each class. All facilities for participation in games and athletics are offered, and students are free to take full advantage of them.

Besides following the prescribed curriculum of studies the students are offered training in some crafts like Clay Modeling or Gardening. Lessons in Fine Arts, Music, Dancing and Dramatics are given by competent teachers. The school at present is not receiving any financial aid from the State Government.


It was started as a Senior Basic School. But in January, 1970 the name was changed to Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home Junior High School with Classes VI,VII,VIII. The boys belong to the age group 11 to 13 years. Work Education as envisaged in the new curriculum for Secondary education has been introduced in the School in right earnest. The activities include agriculture, drawing, electrical repairs and woodwork. All facilities are offered for co-curricular activities including sports and athletics. Recitation, song, drama, debate, instrumental music etc. are all included in the Programme of co-curricular activities. The 12 sections of the school have a wall magazine each. An annual magazine under the name 'NIRMALYA' is also an important publication of the School.


At first the School obtained recognition as a High School from the Calcutta University in January, 1949. When in 1950 the Secondary Education was taken over by the Board of Secondary Education, the School was permitted to send up candidates for the School Final Examination of the Board. From 1957 it was upgraded to a Higher Secondary Multipurpose School with four streams, viz. Humanities, Science, Technical and Commerce. It has been sending up candidates for the Madhyamik Pariksha of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education since 1976 under the new pattern of Secondary Education.

From the very inception this school has been recognized as one of the best in West Bengal. Results of the Public Examinations have been consistently of a very high standard. In 1963 the Government of India selected it as one of the model multipurpose schools in the State. In 1976 and again in 1988, a student of the school topped the list of successful candidates at the Madhyamik Pariksha of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The high standard of performance of the students at this Examination is being throughout maintaining and improved upon as may be seen from the following Result Table.


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