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Jiva is Shiva (all living beings are God). Who then dare talk of showing mercy to them ? Not mercy, but service, service. For man must be regarded as God.
- Sri Ramakrishna

 RKM RAHARA BOYS’ HOME || Celebrating Platinum Jubilee years (2018)
 posted on 20-Oct-2017

 Result Adm. Test Class-VII 2020
 posted on 11-Jan-2020

 Hand Writing compt. Notice 2020
 posted on 10-Jan-2020

 12th Jan. 2020 Students' Notice .
 posted on 10-Jan-2020

 Annual Sports Notice 2020
 posted on 09-Jan-2020

 Adm Notice for Class VII 2020
 posted on 30-Dec-2019

 Notice Inviting Quotation: VTC-1002/2019-20
 posted on 26-Dec-2019

 Result Adm. Test Class-V (EM) & Waiting List 2020
 posted on 11-Dec-2019

 Result Adm. Test Class-V (BM) & Waiting List 2020
 posted on 11-Dec-2019

 Routine Class- XI Half Yr. 2019
 posted on 05-Nov-2019

 Sp. Test Routine Class-X 2020
 posted on 05-Nov-2019

 Adm. Notice Class-V 2020 EM
 posted on 17-Aug-2019

 Adm. Notice Class-V 2020 BM
 posted on 17-Aug-2019

 Admission Notice-Class - XI 2019
 posted on 12-May-2019

 Students Regularity Book _ Students Parichaypatra 2018_19
 posted on 07-Oct-2018

 Students Rules-2018
 posted on 08-Feb-2018


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